Okavango Bengals


Okavango Cattery

We breed Australia’s most exotic and spectacular Bengal Leopard cats, drawing from the finest breeding lines from Asia, Europe and America.   Our breeding program is developing the most unique and exclusive pets, including:

  • Sensational Silver Bengals
  • Stunning Snow Bengals
  • Glittered Golden Brown Bengals
  • Magnificent Clouded Leopard Bengals
  • Elusive Rare Blue Snows

Our Bengals are directly descended from the Asian Leopard Cat.  They make stunning pets with playful personalities and real “WOW” factor.  Bring their wild beauty and excitement into your home.

The extraordinary patterns, glittered coats and awesome colours of our cats will captivate you and your friends.  Their active and exciting personalities make them engaging and fun companions.  Imagine our exclusive leopard cats prowling through your home, bringing the wildness of nature into your life.

Our cats are raised in a happy and healthy stress free environment, ensuring you receive a loving companion.  They receive loving care from a former nurse from a leading University Veterinary Hospital.  All pets are vaccinated, wormed and microchipped ensuring the newest member of family is safe, happy and healthy.